Crafting Can Be As Simple As….

Crafting does not have to be complicated. You do not have to have a room full of craft supplies. Crafting can be made simple for you and your children and still be fun. Here are a few ways to craft easily without skimping on the fun.

Sidewalk Chalk

This should be a childhood staple. Simply take out a ox of sidewalk chalk and head to the front yard. Decorate the sidewalk or the driveway. A box of sidewalk chalk is just a few dollars and can provide hours of funs. Be sure to photograph your child’s work when they are done so you can remember it. It won’t last long.

Finger Paint

All that you need s a little paint and a surface to apply it. Old cardboard boxes make a good backing. Take the kids outside to make cleanup even easier. It is a great way to let your children craft, have fun and get messy. Be sure to put them in old clothes so they do not ruin anything. If it is a warm day, cap the event off by washing the kids off with the garden hose.

Construction Paper Art

Lots of things that you can do with construction paper. Try cutting it into little pieces and breaking out the Elmer’s glue. Let your kids glue it to paper plates or boxes to make their own works of art.