What Could You Do With $500?

So what cold you do with $500 in craft money. Would you buy a new sewing machine, a few Cricut cartridges, a bunch of art supplies and paints? In other words, how would you start your art studio if you had to start over. For the sake of this exercise, I am going to go over what I would buy if I had a loan for $500 from Loan Monkey and needed to spend it on art supplies.

Let’s Spend That $500

First, I would take about $100 and buy a proper table and chair. Many people prefer desks but I like a big table where I can lay out everything that I need with no limitations. Desks are just too small. You can get a nice 8 foot folding table for about $60 at places like Sam’s Club. Then I would take the other $40 and get a nice rolling chair from Staples or Office Depot, they are always on sale. So now, I have a nice work station and still have $400 to spend. The $500 loan minus $100.

Next, I would want to add some lighting and atmosphere to my studio. A good Halogen work lamp and some posters, paintings or prints to make the room feel more creative. Spend about $100 on stuff like this and then I would still have about $300 left to spend form the original $500.

Finally, I would buy some art supplies like construction paper, craft paper, ribbons, paints, brushes, canvases and more. I can easily spend the remaining money of my $500 loan on this stuff but this is the basis of all the crafts to come so why not. I would want to have everything that I needed to make just about any art project that I or my daughters wanted to make. Think about all the projects that you have done in the past and what you needed. Paint pens, regular paint, assorted brushes, scissors, stamps, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on and on, bring a big car or SUV to the store.

In Conclusion

You noticed I did not buy any fancy sewing machines or cutters. Yes, I would love something like that but for $500 you are not going to stock an art studio with supplies, the basics and machines like those. Go with the basics first and build from there, preferably after you have a lot of crafts under your belt. This will help you figure out what you really need.

So, what about you, what would you buy for your studio if you had to set it up for just $500 in cash? Let us know in the comments below.

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