Quick Craft Ideas For Kids

Here are some great things that you can do for kids to give them some quality crafting time. 

Chalkboard Paint Wall
A little chalkboard paint on a wall will allow you to let your kids draw freely and express themselves. When it is all over, simply wipe the wall down with a wet towel and they can start again. 
Tip: Be careful with colored chalks on carpet. 
Tip 2: Don’t want the mess in the house, paint a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint and screw it to the fence outside.

Milk Carton Houses
Cover them with construction paper and let the kids create their own house. Cut a hole for the door and perhaps use part of a paper towel tube for a chimney. The only limit is your imagination.

Paper Towel Tube Rockets
Take a paper towel tube and paint it or cover it with construction paper. Use some clothes pin for fins and maybe some wadded up ribbon for smoke coming out of the rocket. 

More Ideas
When it comes to crafting, the sky is the limit. In addition to organized crafts, consider just having various supplies on hand such as paper towel tubes, shoe boxes, Kleenex boxes, markers, construction paper, etc, etc. You can then just let your kids imagination run wild. Check out other crafting websites for more kid ideas. 

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