Quick Kid Craft Ideas

Looking for some quick craft ideas to do with your kids? Here are a few good ones. I am going to give you just the basics and you can come up with the rest. Don’t worry, they are not that hard.

  1. Paper Pinwheels
    Kids just love pinwheels. They are simple to make, interactive and they can use their creativity to make theirs unique. All that you need to make them is a pencil, some scissors, crafting paper, a straw and a pushpin.
    To make them, you just need to cut lines down the paper from corner to corner. Then make four cuts in the paper and fold back and pin the paper down.
    Learn more here.
  2. Tissue Paper Flowers
    Another very easy craft that kids will like. To make them, you just need tissue paper of varying colors, a button per flower and a pipe cleaner per flower. Simply cut two circles out of tissue paper and then cut two more slightly smaller circles of tissue paper. Vary the color for creativity. Now stack the paper with the large circles on the bottom. Insert the pipe cleaner into the button and then push it through the centers of the tissue. Fold the tissue up and you have a flower. Simple as that.
  3. Cork Sail Boats
    Kids just plain love water and a toy boat is one of the most things to play with. Even better, a boat that they can make themselves. All that you need are some corks, paint, a hot glue gun, paper and a toothpick. Simply paint your corks, let them dry and then glue three of them together. Now take your paper and cut it into a triangle. Insert the toothpick into the paper and then the center cork and you have a sail boat. Easy as could be and fun. Let your kids decorate the paper sail before inserting it.
  4. Popsicle Stick Puppets
    How about an impromptu puppet show.Great, but first we need to make the puppets. Just get some glue, craft paper, scissors and popsicle sticks. Cut the paper into various shapes and glue it to the popsicle sticks. Circles are easiest. EG, make a cat with one large circle and two small circles for ears. Color the paper to personalize your puppets.

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