Crafting For Money

Most of the time I craft for fun and I am sure that is what most of you do as well. From time to time though, I like to make a little money with my crafts. Money is not necessarily a bad thing, I am sure that you will agree. Here are a few crafts that are fun to make and that you can sell for a profit online. If you need money desperately but can’t craft, go here. If you can craft, let’s get started.

Rope Bowls

This is a super easy craft that you can make and one that looks is much fancier than it is hard to do. You simply get a thick section of rope, a glue gun and a bowl for shaping. Heat up your glue gun and then glue the ends of the rope to prevent unraveling. Next, coil the rope into a disc shape, gluing it as you go. Finally, simply place the coiled rope over a bowl for shaping and allow the glue to completely cool down. Experiment with different types of rope and bowl shapes.

Holiday Coasters

Got a talent for painting, why not make some Holiday coasters. You can do them for any holiday  but the most popular are of course Halloween and Christmas. But plain white coasters from Amazon for super cheap and with a little time and paint, you can have works of art. Bundle them in four packs to sell them. You can also take orders for personalized ones with

Friendship Bracelet

These used to be really big but people still buy them. All it takes is some nice string or yarn, some beads or other trinkets and a bit of time. Once you get the hang of it you can knock out a ton of these in no time. Be creative and try to come up with some creative designs.

Mason Jar Candle Holders

This is a super simple craft that is cheap to make, allowing you to also sell it cheap and still make a profit. All that you need is some mason jars, paint, decoratively shaped stickers and some ribbon or string. Simply apply your decorative sticker on the jar and them paint the jar. After the paint has dried, you can peel off the sticker and you will be left with a decorative shape that also serves as a window for light to get our of the candle holder. Finally, tie a ribbon or bow around the top of the page and you are all set.

Custom Stemware

If you can paint, you can make custom stemware for any occasion. All that you need is paint, a few brushes and some inexpensive stemware. Look on eBay or local restaurant supply stores for good deals. Then simply paint some patterns or designs on the stemware and let it dry. Just like with the coasters above, you can also take custom orders for particular designs or maybe monograms. This makes for a great wedding craft FYI and can be made with the wedding date.

And More

There are literally dozens of things that you can make and sell. If you want some inspiration, just take a walk through a trade show or consignment store. In just minutes, you will probably see some things that you can make just as well if not better.