Must Have Art Supplies

Are you just starting your craft room or just getting yourself into the art world? If so, you might be at a loss as to where to begin. I can help. Let us look first at what art supplies you need or supplies that you will most likely want. Stocking an art studio can become overwhelming, so take it step by step. You could spend thousands of dollars at once if you wanted to, but let’s spread this out instead. Good Basic Supplies In the beginning, you want to start with some of the basic supplies. You can spread out

5 Gifts Any Kid Can Make

A kid making art.

When the holidays or special events like birthdays come around, there are gifts that need to be given. If you have kids, you have two choices. You can buy a commercial gift for them to give or you can have them make one. The home made gift usually has the biggest impact on the gift receiver and is often the best choice. But, what should you make? I am here to help with a few suggestions that you can consider. Enjoy.   1. Potted Plant Sure, a plant is not all that exciting but what if you gave it a

7 Great Homemade Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts

It is almost the Christmas season and with it comes gifts, lots of expensive gifts to buy. If you are looking to save a little money this year and add some personal touches to your giving, here are some great ideas. Some simple and inexpensive gifts for you to consider. Baked Goods Everyone loves baked treats this time of year. Cookies, muffins, artisan bread, cakes, etc, etc. Whatever your specialty is, put it to the pan. If you are not a baker, now might be the time to learn. If you can follow directions, you can bake, all it really

Crafting Can Be As Simple As….

Crafting does not have to be complicated. You do not have to have a room full of craft supplies. Crafting can be made simple for you and your children and still be fun. Here are a few ways to craft easily without skimping on the fun. Sidewalk Chalk This should be a childhood staple. Simply take out a ox of sidewalk chalk and head to the front yard. Decorate the sidewalk or the driveway. A box of sidewalk chalk is just a few dollars and can provide hours of funs. Be sure to photograph your child’s work when they are

Why Craft With Your Kids?

Crafting is perhaps one of the best activities that you can do with your children. It has so many benefits that you might now of and that you might not think about. Here are just a few of the many benefits. Encourages Creativity Probably the chief benefit to crafting is encouraging creativity. Kids are naturally creative and adventurous but sometimes they need an outlet for it. Crafting gives them that outlet. The dividends of encouraging their creativity will be apparent over the years. Creative kids will do better in school, will be more outgoing and will generally be happier. Energy

What Could You Do With $500?

So what cold you do with $500 in craft money. Would you buy a new sewing machine, a few Cricut cartridges, a bunch of art supplies and paints? In other words, how would you start your art studio if you had to start over. For the sake of this exercise, I am going to go over what I would buy if I had a loan for $500 from Loan Monkey and needed to spend it on art supplies. Let’s Spend That $500 First, I would take about $100 and buy a proper table and chair. Many people prefer desks but

Quick Craft Ideas For Kids

Here are some great things that you can do for kids to give them some quality crafting time.  Chalkboard Paint WallA little chalkboard paint on a wall will allow you to let your kids draw freely and express themselves. When it is all over, simply wipe the wall down with a wet towel and they can start again. Tip: Be careful with colored chalks on carpet. Tip 2: Don’t want the mess in the house, paint a piece of plywood with chalkboard paint and screw it to the fence outside. Milk Carton HousesCover them with construction paper and let the kids create

Simple Holiday Craft Ideas

It is the Holiday season and your kids are itching to get to crafting. Whether it be Thanksgiving, Christmas or what have you. Here are some of the easiest crafts that you can do with your small children. The Simple Hand Turkey It could not be an easier project and it is one that we have all done, the Hand Turkey. Simply have your child place their hand on a piece of construction paper and trace around it with a pen. They can then decorate it as a turkey. Draw legs, a bike a waddle, etc. Let them use their

Start A Craft Business With A Small Loan

Looking to start a small crafting business like me? Are you short of funds to do so? No problem, you can actually start a small business very easily with a small loan and a pre-order. Here is what I mean. First, you need to determine your crating specialty. After that, you need to come up with a small sample using whatever means necessary. Then you can list your product for sale on websites like Fiverr, a sales marketplace. Be specific about what you offer and set a good price where you can make money. Set your time of delivery such

Quick Kid Craft Ideas

Looking for some quick craft ideas to do with your kids? Here are a few good ones. I am going to give you just the basics and you can come up with the rest. Don’t worry, they are not that hard. Paper Pinwheels Kids just love pinwheels. They are simple to make, interactive and they can use their creativity to make theirs unique. All that you need to make them is a pencil, some scissors, crafting paper, a straw and a pushpin. To make them, you just need to cut lines down the paper from corner to corner. Then make